Thursday, January 12, 2012

Live Like You Were Dying

Wow . . . it's 2012 already. In only a matter of months, the world as we know it is gonna turn into a cheesy John Cusack movie.

For those who might not catch sarcasm as quickly as others, no, I don't believe that the world is going to dramatically end on December 21st. However, the concept can be utilized to give a person to thought.

As an example: As a writer, what would I do with my writing if I knew for a fact that the world was on the verge of termination? Would I write something more meaningful, more philosophical, something that might help people enrich their lives before the end came crashing in? Or would I just give up, saying, "What's the point if we're all doomed to perish in a global cataclysm?"

Honestly, I don't know for certain, but it's something I've pondered on and off.

On a more personal note, what if I knew I was going to die soon (not the whole world -- just me)? In that case I know exactly what I'd do. I'd compose letters to my kids, for them to read when they got older. I'd write about things I've learned about life and the world in general, trying to pass on what I know. I wouldn't be there for them as they grew up, so I'd do the next best thing -- leave notes and letters.

If I were making a significant living writing fiction, I'd hurry to finish composing my current pieces in progress, publish them, and market like crazy. I'd probably show my wife how to market them as well. That way I would be leaving a modest income to help them get through.

But then I think about this: We never know when our time is going to come. I could slip on ice and crack my skull tomorrow. Or I could go on to beat the record as the oldest person in modern history. I like the philosophy of "live like you were dying". Live each day like it's your last, leave as much value and love and goodness behind as you possibly can.

I think writers are better equipped for this task than most. Let's use it.


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  3. Everyone worried about the millennium bug...then just the new age. Recently, an academic group compared the Gregorian calendar with the Mayan date, and discovered there was a 40-50 year mistake. Others say the calendar will just reset itself. Others say that's when aliens will show up. Everyone says something will happen. Based on the past, I think Dec. 22 will be sunny or cloudy, and since the 21st is a Friday, people will buy beer for the weekend, enjoy "The End" parties, then wake up with a hangover Saturday. The Mayan, Hopi, et al, were good astronomers, but they didn't even invent the wheel. I believe the Bible's timeline...

  4. Oh, I forgot something. I would have to blog something or publish something to any future society that says: "It wasn't my fault! I tried to warn them."
    check Desperadoes on under blogs...I think the second from the top. It's the preface to a novel I've written, and hope people will be around to read...(and buy!).