Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cheap Date

I'll admit it up front: I'm a man of simple pleasures.

I get a kick out of things to which most folks probably can't relate. Part of it may be that, aside from going to work, I don't get out a whole lot these days, thanks to having two kids under the age of three and a pregnant wife who (this time around) is constantly exhausted, in pain, and/or nauseated. So when I do get to enjoy something, it's usually pretty low-key stuff.

Like yesterday. I wrote over 2700 words on my most recent literary endeavor while waiting to punch in at work, on my breaks, and when I got home. That's despite having a little boy who's gotten into "crashing", which is his term for spinning around the room, flopping against me as hard as he can, bouncing off, and taking it personally if he hurts himself.

2700 words. 2711, to be exact. I think it's a pretty big deal. My wife and my brother, when I bragged to them, nodded and smiled and gave me a "Wow, that's awesome" -- the same way you praise and agree with an insane person so he won't go ballistic and hurt somebody.

Some folks just can't relate.

It's a good feeling though, when you're writing fiction and you surpass the 1000-word mark. Typically, writing more than a couple hundred words can be a massive labor. So when you nail 2700, you feel like you've been flying. It means the story is coming together. The characters are working out their kinks. The dialogue is flowing better. Plot lines are evolving and moving forward without any major issues. And you're that much closer to typing "THE END".

It's great. Time to celebrate . . . Maybe treat myself to a little down time with closed eyes, music, and a pair of headphones.

But only for a little bit. When the story is flowing like that, a writer needs to ride the wave as long as possible.



  1. I can relate. I write poetry (very amateur, mind you) and was THRILLED when I wrote one of 1027 words. So 2711 is more than doubly worthy of being thrilled over. :) Which novel is this one for?

  2. Enjoyed reading your blogs. Authentic style; giving insights into what it's like to be a writer. 2700 is big, find out what you ate that day, and be sure to stay on the good side of the Mrs.

    Regards, Walt Crabtree

  3. Hi, Walt!

    Thanks for your kind remarks! Unfortunately, I have yet to stumble across the formula for churning out thousands of words per day, but I hope to find it eventually. I would certainly make my writing life far more productive!